Monday, June 29, 2015

Shop Update/Life Update

I've been busy cutting Fat Eighths to make some bundles for the shop.   It's nice to be able to have smaller pieces of fabric if you're working on a scrappy quilt/project.  They would also make a cute little  or a quick little gift idea for a quilter or sewer.

I'm also brainstorming packaging ideas for them.   I'm thinking clear envelopes that I can dress up with my shop's logo or something.   I know - pretty typical for fat eighth bundles. 

It may be a little while before I can get them listed as we are moving in a couple of weeks. 

Moving will be a daunting task but so worth it.  My new office/studio will be much bigger!  Woohoo!  More room for fabric storage! 

 I'm also excited for some of the decorating I hope to do in the new house.  My oldest son said he wants a pirate room.  Riley Blake has some really cool skull and cross bones fabric I will be purchasing for my shop that will be perfect for their room.  I will share some tutorials/work in progress pictures of their pirate room coming together. 

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  1. Good providence on your move. More space is always a good thing!